4 in 1 Pool Hammock

4 in 1 Pool Hammock

4 in 1 Pool Hammock

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Yes, we come up with genius ideas!

This Pool Hammock design replaces all other water floats out there!

Firstly, it acts as a:

Saddle, Lounge Chair, Hammock & a Drifter

Secondly, it is easy to GET ON OR OFF as the seat rests in water--no jumping no ladders no flopping!

Best for people 4’ to 6’ tall

Great for Seniors and Expectant Moms

Thicker material than most other pool floats; Comfortably suspends you in the water and contours comfortably to your desired floating position

Compact and quick to inflate Perfect for a day at the pool or a week away on vacation

#1 CUSTOMER COMMENT “Easiest pool float to get on and get off of while in the water ”

Dimensions:  47" X 27" (120 X 70 cm)




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