Beard Apron

Beard Apron

Beard Apron

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The Beard Bib: Put Those Spare Hairs in Their Place

Hair! Everywhere! Well, don’t worry, furry fella, we’ve got just what you need to Sas-squash even your messiest beard-clipping crisis. Presenting: the Beard Bib. Just loop this handy accessory around your neck like an apron, then stick the two suction cup bottom corners to your mirror. You get an instant net to capture all your cascading whiskers. Once you’re done, simply detach it from the mirror and dump the contents into your favorite trash receptacle. No more clogged drains, no more gross floors and no more prickly hairs all over your shirt. 



This produces perfect clarity, wonderfully detailed photos. It is the first wifi microscope I have ever seen and it is a game-changer. It charges quickly, easily connects to my phone. I was a bit skeptical but this is a wonderful price for something so advanced. It is also small and very portable.

Casper K.
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