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Wireless Digital Microscope Camera

Wireless Digital Microscope Camera

Wireless Digital Microscope Camera

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Our wireless microscope allows you to experience the exciting microscopic world and thus experience a whole new kind of photography.

Capture microscopic details in high resolution directly on your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac and take pictures that are not possible with a DSLR camera. A great change to conventional photography and ideal for both amateur and professional photographers.

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You can connect any device quickly and easily when the Wi-Fi signal is connected by our microscopic camera. Our application allows you to capture high-definition photos and videos on the go while analyzing objects under this incredible Full HD microscope. To make sure the image is not blurry, you also have the option of using the software or application controls.

We use dynamic image sensors, which provide constant and detailed information. The camera is equipped with a stabilization tripod that allows you to easily focus on the desired position of the objects to be analyzed with an amazing 50x to 1000x zoom. To be clear, this is a digital microscope and not your traditional microscope. It can magnify 1000x when the zoom and screen size of your device is factored in. To see what this looks like please check out our Tik Tok page. This is still enough to see the smallest details that are invisible to the human eye. Additionally, the microscope has 8 LED lights with a dimmer to adjust it to a brightness that suits your environment and time of day.



  1. Download the recommended App for your device (see below for links & recommendations)
  2. Switch on the device, the display will blink blue. This means that it is now visible as a WLAN connection. When the Wifi connection is connected, the blue light will be constantly on.
  3. Open the app or software. If your device is connected to the microscope's Wifi signal, the App will now automatically open the camera. (For Mac users, activate the camera by clicking on the "Camera" tab in the Photo Studio software and selecting "GENERAL-UVC#2").


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