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Uzfur™ Full Body Resistance Trainer

Uzfur™ Full Body Resistance Trainer

Uzfur™ Full Body Resistance Trainer

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Take Your Physical/Fighting Skills To The Next Level!



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Resistance training plays a massive role in every training to enhance your speed and explosive power as well as increasing muscle strength and burning fat

Uzfur™ has been designed from a biomechanical perspective to enhance the movement and strength of your lower and upper body.


✔ Enhances Your Physical Abilities - the added resistance to your body movements helps improve your general explosiveness, speed and strength

 Suitable For Any Training Program - with the added benefit of burning through those excess calories, UZFUR™ Power Punch also makes for an excellent killer-cardio workout

✔ Protects Your Joints - allows you to train many times harder without adding any additional tension to your joints

✔ Adjustable Fit - The belt is padded to add extra comfort to your waist. It is also easily adjustable, both wrist and ankle straps can also be adjusted to fit so that you can get the perfect workout

✔ Helps Maintain Your Guard - adds a downward force to your arms that will strengthen your guard

✔ Durable and High-Quality - Made from high-quality natural latex, nylon fabric and ABS, providing comfort, ease and safety of use

Uzfur™ Power Punch adds a total of 80/160 lbs of resistance (depending on the variant you choose, the 80 lbs variant has 20 lbs of resistance in each band and the 160 lbs variant has 40 lbs in each) to your punches and kicks which will help increase your speed and power by making your muscles work against an opposing force.

Take your physical skills to the next level with Uzfur™ Power Punch.


  • 4 x High-Quality Resistance Bands
  • 2 x Adjustable Ankle Straps
  • 2 x Wrist Straps
  • 2 x Foam Handles
  • An Adjustable Waistbelt
  • A Carrier Bag


Used And Trusted By Hundreds Of Our Customers Along With Several Professional Fighters!

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